Whilst in my second year of a jewellery degree at Middlesex University, we were set a new brief, asking us to project light on the body and photograph the results. Here light was seen as valid a material as any metal. It therefore comes as no surprise that my work as a jeweller is not defined by traditional practices, it explores many different materials and is founded on our desire to adorn our bodies with symbols and materials that reflect ourselves.

Jewellery is just one route my work follows, other paths allow me to teach, to write and to photograph. With Polly George and Kaoru Parry, I make up the trio of designers that own and run the East London store, Luna & Curious. Together the three of us have created a shop that highlights what we consider the core principles of making; honouring great craftsmanship, insightful design and endeavouring to support British manufacture.

My world is full of narratives and whichever task I am working on, my intention is the same – to tell a story. We all have stories… lets tell them.

Luna & Curious
24- 26 Calvert Avenue
London E2 7JP
Tel: 020 3222 0034
Open: Mon ~ Sat 11am-6pm, Sun 11am ~ 5pm